OilGone HD


A Heavy-Duty, HD, natural cleaner for tough hydrocarbons and degreasing, based on natural citrus oils and natural solvents.

OilGone HDis an environmentally acceptable product, used for the rapid removal of heavy oils and greases on a wide range of floors, hard-surfaces and machinery.


OilGone HDcontains citrus-based and natural solvents boosted with non-ionic surfactants for broad-based heavy-duty cleaning for all hydrocarbon fractions.  Tar, bitumen, creosote, grease etc.


OilGone HDshould be used undiluted for heavy duty cleaning.  Apply to the surface to be cleaned with sufficient agitation or scrubbing to remove the soiling.  For best results OilGone HD must be left to penetrate and action for a minimum of 10 minutes. Once surface area is cleaned maintain with EcoWizz range.


An orange brown viscous liquid of high-grade citrus oils, natural solvents and non-ionic surfactants and biodegradable cleaning agents.



  • S2
  • S13
  • S28
  • S36


  • 25/210Ltr

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