Hydro Activator


HydroActivator is a clear, colourless formulated liquid blend of proprietary blended ingredients in an aqueous solution.


HydroActivator rapidly consumes organics in water through an oxidation process with results almost immediately visible leaving just an inert carbon residue. For clearing of ponds and other water storage facilities. When applied to murky/contaminated or algae rich water, HydroActivator reacts with organic material to create compounds that oxidise and eliminate organic nutrients that feed bacteria and fungi. The result is clear water.

The by-product of HydroActivator is oxygen and water. The cleaning and clearing of the water that HydroActivator provides is due to the oxygenation of the water, as well as the elimination of organics.

HydroActivator may safely be used in swimming pools as a healthy and longer-lasting alternative to chlorine.

Hydro Activator is excellent for removing oil (hydrocarbons) froth from the tops of dams and water reticulation facilities.


  • Solvent Free 
  • Carbonizes oil
  • Non Hazardous
  • Quick Penetrating
  • Economical to use
  • Not regulated as an ozone depleter
  • Easy to use and leaves no harmful residues.

Instruction for Use:

Gloves, eye, skin and body protection must be worn. HydroActivator contains Hydrogen Peroxide, one of the most environmentally acceptable products available (after use, Hydrogen Peroxide degrades to water and oxygen) but may cause harm to humans in its concentrated form. IMPORTANT: utmost care must be taken to avoid skin and especially eye contact. This product must not be used with leather gloves, or leather safety shoes.


  • S2
  • S13
  • S20
  • S23
  • S24/25
  • S28

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