DeepKleen OilLift


DeepKleen OilLiftis a clear, colourless formulated liquid blend of surfactants and surface-active ingredients in an aqueous solution. Designed to remove oil stains from hard surfaces areas such as engineering & oily factory workshop floors, airport aprons / runways, garage forecourts, car parks, driveways, patios and paving.


  • Solvent Free
  • Carbonizes oil
  • Non Hazardous
  • Quick Penetrating
  • Economical to use
  • Outstanding cleaning power
  • Not regulated as an ozone depleter
  • Easy to use and leaves no harmful residues.

Instructions for use:

Gloves, eye, skin and body protection must be worn.  For cleaning soiled surfaces initially spray or pour DeepKleen OilLift onto the surface to be cleaned, agitate with a hard broom and allow to penetrate and work for at least four hours, prior to hosing off with high pressure water. NB: For heavy ingressed areas scrub the area to be cleaned.

Do not mix with any other degreaser / chemical as this can impair the efficiency of the product.

Note: DeepKleen OilLift has been formulated as an oil emulsifier for hard surfaces and should be used as such.


The product in its concentrated state is highly corrosive and utmost care must be taken to avoid skin and especially eye contact.  This product must not be used with leather gloves, or leather safety shoes.

DeepKleen OilLift will readily biodegrade after it has been used, penetrated and lifted the ingressed oil after 6 hours.


  • S2
  • S13
  • S20
  • S23
  • S24/25
  • S28
  • S36/37/39



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