BituGone is an environmentally acceptable heavy-duty cleaner for hydrocarbons & degreasing, specifically formulated for the removal of Tar and Bitumen. It Removes Tar, Bitumen, Heavy Fuel Oils, Creosote and any stubborn, hardened, old oil build up.

It is a ‘Best in its Class’ product that has few equals when it comes to Tar and Bitumen cleaning and removal. It is based on natural citrus oils & natural solvents, boosted with non-ionic surfactants for broad-based heavy-duty cleaning for all hydrocarbon fractions.


BituGone is used for the rapid removal of heavy oils and greases on a wide range of floors, hard-surfaces and heavily soiled industrial machinery. Tar, bitumen, creosote, grease etc.


BituGone should be used undiluted for heavy-duty cleaning. Apply to the surface to be cleaned with agitation or scrubbing to remove the soiling. For best results BituGone must be left to penetrate and action for a minimum of 10 minutes. Once surface area is cleaned, maintain it with EcoTuff.


An orange brown viscous liquid of high-grade citrus oils, natural solvents and non-ionic surfactants with biodegradable cleaning agents.


  • S2
  • S13
  • S28
  • S36



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