Spill Kits

Over a 15 year period a proprietary range of products and methodologies have been developed specifically to manage oil spills within the workplace and environment.

Be prepared for accidents & disasters with our quality spill kits

Handling problems as soon as they happen can reduce the impact of a spill significantly. Ensuring you have the right tools and products for the job close at hand is key to that. Don’t be caught unprepared, implement your spill procedures now and it could save a huge cost, preventing downtime and environmental issues.

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Workplace Spills

Small, medium and large kits to ensure fast and effective response to spills around the workplace. Our spill kits are designed to deal with any spill and we offer bespoke and tailor made spill kits as well as refill packs for all our spill kits.

Truck & Vehicle Spills

Our Vehicle Spill Kits store under or behind your driver’s seat. A first line of defense on spills. When used correctly, this compact kit has everything you need for containment and provides for a quick response on the road.

Environmental & Marine Spills

Managing spills, river and soil contamination on a large scale takes precise planning and knowledge of the most environmentally friendly products in the market. Many of our unique products and services will enable effective and fast remediation.

Oil Contamination and Oil Spill Solutions

Oil spills should be cleaned up with immediate effect as the oil emulsifies. Emulsification means the oil mixes with water and the resulting oil/water mixture can take on a thick, pudding-like consistency and this is the oil pollution that we can see. Emulsified oil is extremely difficult to clean up by using stock standard means such as absorbents, dispersants, skimmers, etc. Oil pollution is toxic and harms the environment where it was spilled .


Is a world first, marine-life friendly crude-oil water-dispersant, approved by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), the Council for Industrial & Scientific Research (CSIR), the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and is an international GREEN APPLE Environmental award winner.EconoSweep


Is a powder for absorbing many times its own weight in spilt oil. It is a naturally biodegradable, non-leaching (once it absorbs the oil, it will stay absorbed and won’t leak out), hard-surface absorbent. EconoSweep is engineered for the safe pick up and disposal of various oil spills in the engineering, mining, transport and other sensitive environments.Booms and Pillows

Booms, Drip Trays & Pallets

Are used to stop the spread of oil spills on water and land and pillows are used for catching and absorbing falling/dripping oil. Our Booms and Pillows are hydrophobic which means they absorb oil and float on water. They are non-toxic, biodegradable, have a high absorbency level and can be incinerated.

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