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BioTreat is a microbial based natural product for waste disposal. Fast reduction of human waste, reducing smells & insects

Is a stable liquid/powder of spores and vegetative micro-organisms capable of digesting complex proteins, human-solid-waste, starches, fats, cellulose and vegetable gums.

BioTreat contains strains of bacteria which degrade tissue-paper, human solid-waste, fats, oils and grease at an accelerated rate.

biotreat sweage treatment

Waste Disposal for sewerage plants, septic tanks & pit latrines

Common Uses for BioTreat

  • Municipal waste-water treatment works
  • Oxidation ponds, bio filters
  • Lagoons
  • Septic tanks
  • Pit latrines
  • Grease and fat traps

Some of our tests

  • Results will depend on prevailing conditions, but we have observed a 50% reduction in 23 days as well as a reduction from 2metres deep to 200mm in 7 weeks at rural schools.
  • There is a reduction in smell within 36 hours and a noticeable lack of flies and cockroaches in 48 hours
  • The toilets should be treated every 4-6 weeks as the levels reduce.
  • Users of the toilets should avoid throwing non organic substances into the toilet as well as harsh solvents and cleaners as this will have a negative effect on the microbes
  • Our experience shows that while this is obviously a far cheaper and less labour intensive exercise than either digging a new pit or mechanically emptying the existing pit, the biggest reward for the owners of these toilets is the improvement in smell (almost no smell) and the lack of flies and cockroaches.
  • The improvement in living conditions that these two factors bring is remarkable.
  • Very good results with substantial savings have been had at mass sewerage plants where we have been instrumental in unblocking entire systems and contributed dramatically to the smooth running of these facilities.

How it works

It is a select blend of highly active bacterial cultures and fungus that grow in either the presence or absence of air. It is a very stable product and has a long shelf-life. BioTreat can be used in the manner in which it is supplied and does need anything additional to activate it’s cleaning activity. BioTreat contains a variety of new bacterial strains to cope with the chemicals that waste water treatment plants and septic systems have to manage.

Unlike any other products, BioTreat contains bacterial strains which digest, paper, oil, grease and fat build up in the system. These bacteria assure good long-term operation when used on a regular basis.

BioTreat Liquid
BioTreat Powder

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