Organic Soilfix Powder


Organic SoilFix is a non-pathogenic, natural powder that readily biodegrades all hydrocarbon contamination in soil.

The natural non-pathogenic bacteria, enzymes [micro organisms] present in Organic SoilFix naturally biodegrade the contaminant to harmless bi-products of water and carbon dioxide on site, in a short time frame.


Organic SoilFix is applied by evenly distributing and mixing the product into the contaminated soil. Add SoilFix Nutrient mix of 500ml with 20 litres water. The bacteria and enzymes [micro organisms] present in Organic SoilFix go to work by digesting and metabolising the hydrocarbon contaminant. By keeping the area damp, and regularly aerating the remediation area, the contaminants are quickly converted into water and carbon dioxide.

Remediation can take place on site to contaminant ingress depths of up to 500mm.

Deeper contaminated areas should be excavated and thoroughly mixed with Organic SoilFix with the aid of a front end loader / concrete mixer and placed into beds or windrows to a max height of 300mm.

Hydrocarbon sludge’s can be remediated by utilizing the above process.
Case histories and technical assistance is provided by our trained technical sales staff.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple and safe to use
  • Encapsulated oils and fuels and will not leach or contaminate ground water.
  • Organic SoilFix is non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-carcinogenic and non-volatile.

Nutrients in Organic SoilFix:

The micro-organisms, non pathogenic bacteria and enzymes in Organic SoilFix are indigenous cellulose. The natural nutrients are embedded in the fibre and become bio-available with the introduction of the hydrocarbons, water and the growth of the bacteria colonies themselves. Organic SoilFix contains over 1 billion CFU’s Colony Forming Units per gram.

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