OdourGone – Liquid & Granules


OdourGoneis a water soluble organic based product which will not harm the environment. Perfectly safe to nature, its primary function is to eliminate odours quickly and permanently, working at the source of the odour problem. 

OdourGoneis supplied in granules or as a liquid.

OdourGonehas been successfully used to rapidly control gaseous states, especially hydrogen sulphide [H²S], in the following applications:

  • Rendering plants [red meat and chicken abattoirs] in the steam cookers, sludge, grease / fat-traps and conveyor belts.
  • Leachate cells [municipal solid waste dumps].
  • Chicken farms [mortality pits].
  • Cold-room storage facilities.
  • Fisheries & fish restaurants.
  • Wastewater treatment works.
  • Mortuaries.
  • Tanneries primary settlement tanks and holding dams.
  • Agriculture applications in dairies, piggeries and stables.


OdourGoneis used successfully by a number of red meat and chicken abattoirs in their rendering plants, with excellent results.  It has been proven that there is no detrimental effect on the finished product [carcass/bone meal].  The active ingredients are water-soluble and the only residue left behind is an extremely low percentage of saltpetre.


  • Quickly reduces and eliminates the stink.
  • Provides an odour free environment quickly and permanently.
  • User friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous and safe to use.
  • Safe to nature, 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable.
  • Oxidizes and reduces COD levels.
  • Not a masking agent.


25Kg, 25Lt


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