FatBustais an environmentally acceptable product.  It is yellow in colour, with a pleasant citrus smell, and harmless to human touch.  FatBusta is required in all commercial/industrial kitchens, fish businesses, abattoirs, pork & chicken production, butcheries, supermarkets, restaurants etc.

FatBustais used for the rapid breakdown of animal & vegetable fats, grease & oils in pipelines, floor & sink drains, and fat/grease-traps.

FatBustais a natural fat splitter.  FatBusta does not dissolve fat, oil & grease, as it prevents the chains from bonding again.  The broken fat/grease remains in the fat/grease-trap, to be removed accordingly.

FatBustais an efficient floor degreaser. 

FatBustaeliminates bad odours, and leaves a pleasant citrus smell.

Other Names:

FatGone, TrapCleen.



First time use requires a thorough scrubbing of all inside & outside fat/grease-trap walls & covers.

Daily application is simple.  Mix 150mls of FatBusta with 5ltrs of hot water.  Now dose all sink and floor drains, equally.  This should preferably be done at closing time. 

No more water flushing must take place. 

For best results, FatBusta will work over-night, breaking-up the oil, fat & grease in the pipes.  The following morning, when the usual operational water-flush starts again, FatBusta will continue to work in the fat/grease-traps. 


  • S2.
  • S25.

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