Enviropure is formulated to perform in accordance with Section 6.3 of SANS 1615-1994. The relevant dilution of the product shall, within 5 min, kill at least 99% of the organisms indicated, pseudomonas aeruginosa SATCC Pse 16, escherichia coli SATCC Esc 25, staphylococcus aureus SATCC Sta 53.

Enviropure has been approved by the SABS for compliance with SANS 1853.

Enviropure is a food-safe approved, water-based all-purpose cleaner & degreaser. It readily meets these stringent standards and provides a germ-free and hygienic food-preparation environment quickly.


Enviropure is water-based, and contains no solvents, acids, ammonia, caustic or paraffin. EnviroPure is 100% biodegradable and therefore environmentally acceptable. Due to the efficient cleaning effect of Enviropure on vegetable & meat oils, Enviropure will easily replace harsh solvents. The cleaning effect will be much better than with conventional products. Enviropure is an efficient degreaser/cleaner that does not damage rubber, plastic, paint or metal and is safe for humans to use.


GREEN products require time to work. Apply to the surface to be cleaned with sufficient scrubbing, leave for five minutes, then remove the soiling. Can be applied by means of high-pressure systems. For general purpose cleaning Enviropure can be diluted : Heavy-Strength 1:3, Medium-Strength 1:10, Light-Strength 1:50.

  • Blood;
  • Glass;
  • Leather;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Plastic furniture;
  • Mixing equipment;
  • Sanitization areas;
  • Floors and wall tiles;
  • Fridges & microwaves;
  • Sinks & wash-up areas;
  • Flat-tops, ovens and grills;
  • FOG’s – Fat, Oil & Grease;
  • All-purpose general cleaning;
  • Drain-cleaning & grease-traps;
  • Food-surface preparation areas;
  • Pots, pans, and cooking equipment; 
  • Fat/grease/oil stains on uniforms/serviettes.


A clear liquid, containing a blend of non-ionic and cationic surfactants, a complexing agent and other salts in a water-based solution.


Frequent users should wear protective gloves. If swallowed rinse out mouth but do not drink. Seek medical attention if irritant persists. Wash off skin / bath eyes with water. Keep out of reach of children

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