Bluestream Degreasers & Cleaners

Environmentally acceptable degreasers and cleaners


We are one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of general degreasers, this includes ‘all application’ cleaners and a range of ‘specific application’ cleaners.

We have heavy duty degreasers, alkaline degreasers and acidic degreasers to meet any industries needs. Our applications include emulsion cleaning, liquid detergents, microbial degreasers, spray applications and other degreasers for general purpose cleaning.

If you do not immediately see what you are looking for, or think your application needs are different, please contact us to tell us what you are looking for. The chances are good that we’ll have a cost effective, environmentally sound solution for you.


Some of our products include

  • Engine Clean 
  • Truck Wash - Vehicle Cleaner
  • EcoTuff - Alkaline Degreaser for Tough Applications
  • EcoRem 200D - Oil-Eating Microbial Degreaser, continues working after cleanup
  • Rubber Lift - For the Removal of Rubber from Tarmac and Runways Ultra Sonic Cleaner- Degreaser with rust inhibitor
  • OilGone WB - Orange Oil Based Premium Degreaser

Bluestream Speciality Degreasers and Cleaners:

  • OilGone HD (BituGone) - Removes Bitumen, Tar, Heavy Fuel Oil from Hard Surfaces Vehicles and Machinery.
  • OilLift - Deep Penetrating Hard-Surface Degreaser
  • Hydro Activator -
  • RopeKleen - Specifically for Degreasing Industrial Steel Ropes
  • EcoMarine - Marine and Inland Water Oil-Dispersant, also a Degreaser, not harmfull to Marine Life 

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