Environmentally acceptable and bio-degradable degreasers and cleaners

Alternatives to cleaning and mitigating against oil and fat pollution and spills. We are one of the largest degreaser manufacturing facilities in South Africa.

Specialists in Environmental Cleaning Solutions and the Manufacture of Degreasers and Cleaners

Biodegradable Environmentally Acceptable Degreasers and Cleaners

EcoTuff Heavy Duty Alkaline Degreaser for Tough Applications Water Based Product
Truck Wash  Vehicle Cleaner Water Based Product
Engine Clean HD Engine Cleaner Water Based Product
EcoRem 200D Oil-Eating Microbial Degreaser, continues working after cleanup Water Based Product
Ultra Sonic Cleaner Degreaser with rust inhibitor Water Based Product
OilGone WB Orange Oil Based Premium Degreaser Water Based Product

Oil Spills

Spill kits Kits are available in any size you require
Oil Skimmer Booms and Pillows Manufactured using HydroOilTreat,
EconoSweep Boidegradable, non-leaching, hard-surface absorbent
Hydro Oil Treat Control of oil spills on water

Speciality Cleaners

BituGone Removes Bitumen, Tar, Heavy Fuel Oil from Hard Surfaces Vehicles and Machinery.
OilLift  Deep Penetrating Hard-Surface Degreaser
Hydro Activator Rapidly consumes organics in water
RopeKleen Specifically for Degreasing Industrial Steel Ropes
Rubber Lift For the Removal of Rubber from Tarmac and Runways Water Based Product
EcoMarine Marine and Inland Water Oil-Dispersant, also a Degreaser, not harmfull to Marine Life
OilGone HD For tough hydrocarbons and degreasing Water Based Product

Soil Remediation Products

Organic SoilFix Liquid Liquid Booster, 3 Litres/cubic meter Contaminated Soil
Organic SoilFix Powder Powder - 1x10kg Bag per cubic meter Contaminated Soil
Hydro Gel 500g/cubic metre Contaminated Soil

Hospitality and Kitchens

EnviroPure SABS1853 Approved degreaser disinfectant in Food Preparation Areas
FatBusta Grease/Fat-Trap Kitchen Solution
EcoGreen Sanitising Degreaser for Home/Office/All-Purpose Cleaning.



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